We are a company that does high-quality research of equipment and consumer goods. We select the best products that we can recommend for your purchase. 

Our product testing laboratory is located:

StartHub Miami

66 W Flagler St #900,

Miami, FL 33130, USA


If you are a manufacturer and want to send goods to us for a test, please call +17866050561.

Team of Best Store US


Harry Novoni


We create the best content for our users!

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Head of marketing (CMO)

The better the position of our site – The closer it is to you!

Kate Washington

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)

We write quality articles.

Elena Kupitayer

Patrina Stalzer

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)

The pulse of our site is visitors.

Bob Dylan

Senior copywriter

We create high-quality content.

Karl Fling


I am always glad to new challenges!

Best Store US
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